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Posted By Winchester Police on April 12th, 2016

From WDAY 6 News, Fargo North Dakota. FARGO—A Fargo man pleaded guilty Monday, April 4, in Cass County District Court to a charge of luring a minor by computer. James L. Thompson, who was 34 when he was charged last fall, admitted to using a messaging app to send a photo of his genitals to […]




I would like to be made aware of certain situations and incidents such as natural disasters or infrastructure emergencies or even non-emergencies such as road closings. Is there a mailing list I can join in order to receive such bulletins?
As a resident or business owner of Winchester, you are automatically signed up to receive emergency alerts and instructions by your listed home or business phone number. To sign up for non-emergency notifications (such as DPW announcements) or to customize how you receive notifications, you can follow the Citizen Alert icon on our homepage or click here. You will then be able to customize the types of notifications you receive and how you receive them. For example, you could choose to receive emergency notifications by home phone, cell phone, text message and email and non emergency notifications by email only.


I have been involved in a motor vehicle crash. Do I have to report the accident and if so whom do I report to?
Under certain circumstances, you are required to report a vehicle crash to the Registry of Motor Vehicles regardless of whether a police report was filed. You must report a crash if it has resulted in personal injury or death or vehicle/property damage which exceeds $1,000.Use the following form to report a crash:MA Crash Report.


When stopped by a police officer for a motor vehicle violation, don't I have 24 hours to produce my license and registration?
No, your license and registration must be with you while operating a motor vehicle.


Sometimes I see drivers flashing their headlights to warn other drivers of police speed traps. Is this ok to do?
It is not “normal operation” for a vehicles headlights to flash on and off, so you might be pulled over for a defective equipment violation. Ethically, you should keep in mind that the driver you are warning could be a drunk driver or other road menace that needs removing.


I have expired medications at home. What is the safest way to dispose of them?

Bring unused or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications to the Winchester Police Department for proper disposal. Disposal is available 24 hours a day.

Guidelines for Disposal:

Take unused, unwanted or expired prescription and non-prescription drugs to the Winchester Medication Disposal Kiosk located in the lobby of the Winchester Police Department.
Keep medications in original bottle or packaging if possible.
Mark out your name and address on the prescription labels.
Put any liquid or glass container in a Ziploc bag provided at the kiosk and securely close the bag. Insert pill containers or Ziploc bag into the kiosk’s mail slot and close the lid.
Winchester Substance Abuse Coalition sends collected medications to be incinerated as part of the ecological and safe disposal protocol.


My neighbor's dog is constantly barking! It barks all day and all night! What can I do about it?
Chapter 10 of Winchester’s By-laws state that “No person shall own or keep in this town any dog that bites, or by barking, howling, or in any other manner disturbs the peace or quiet of any neighborhood or endangers the safety of any person… It is the duty of the animal control officer to apprehend any such dog and impound it… or to order the owner thereof to restrain such dog.” If you you have such a complaint against a dog, contact animal control officer Jerry Smith at (781) 729 – 5151. If the complaint is not during regular business hours, contact the police department at (781) 729-1212. Please understand that just because an officer has the legal right to impound a barking dog does not mean that he or she automatically will. Cases are heard on an individual basis and discretion is used by officers. The By-law also prohibits unleashed dogs on public streets, ways, sidewalks, school yards, grounds, parks or private property of others without permission. The By-law also requires that owner’s clean up after their dogs.

(See Town of Winchester Code of Laws – Chapter 10)pdf


Help! There is a sick raccoon in my yard! How can I get rid of it?
People often think that if certain animals, such as raccoons, must be sick if it is out during the day. This is not always the case. Often, it is very difficult to tell if an animal is sick or injured, though sometimes it is quite obvious. The most important thing to do when you encounter any wild animal on your property is to leave it alone. If you believe an animal is sick or injured, contact the animal control officer Jerry Smith at (781) 729 – 5151. If it is after hours, contact the police department at (781) 729-1212. An officer will respond and assess the situation and if necessary the animal will be euthanised. If you find a deceased animal on your property, wear heavy protective gloves or use a shovel to place it in a trash bag. Dispose of it at the transfer station. If you find a deceased animal on public property, contact the Department of Public Works at (781) 721-7100.


Solicitors keep knocking on my door, trying to sell me magazine subscriptions or internet service. How can I make them stop?

The Town of Winchester has not adopted a Solicitor By-Law therefore it is legal for a person to go door to door soliciting goods or services. The Winchester Police Department does “request” that solicitors check in with the officer in charge of the station prior to beginning a campaign. We also “request” that solicitors refrain from soliciting door to door after dark. If you have no interest in speaking with a solicitor, you could post a “no solicitors or no trespassing” sign on your door. Keep in mind that in Massachusetts, trespassing may be arrestable but only in an officer’s presence. Often, solicitors use hard sales tactics and won’t take “no’ for an answer. If a solicitor refuses to leave your property when asked to do so, contact police immediately.
If you decide to do business with a solicitor, there are a few things you can do to make sure they are legitmate and to stay safe. Don’t let them into your home. Ask to see an (ID, both their state ID/license – many are not from Massachusetts – and the one provided by their organization). If you still wish to do business, ask them to come back another day. Take that time to research their organization’s legitimacy online. If you are still interested, understand that you may get your magazine subscription, but your money spent may not be being used to “ help the solicitor through college” as promised but to turn a profit for the organization.
Lastly, know the difference between a legitimate solicitor and a transient con artist. A transient may solicit a service, such as driveway resurfacing. While discussing the service with you, an accomplice may enter your home through a rear door and steal from you. A similar transient scheme is to promise a service for a certain price, do sub-par work and then demand additional payment for a problem encountered. If you ask a solicitor to leave your property, make sure they leave!