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Posted By Winchester Police on March 17th, 2020

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Winchester Police Department is asking for assistance from residents.  While we are open every day, 24/7,we will be limiting access to our building to the general public.  If you require records, email Jennifer Rolli in our records department at jrolli@winchesterpd.org and after preparing your request, the records will be left at our […]



Beginning in 2007, Winchester Police Department underwent a major technological upgrade.  The upgrade consisted of moving WPD’s computer system to a self-sufficient and secure network within the department.  In turn, this allowed WPD to securely integrate with regional law enforcement agencies for the purpose of sharing intelligence and resources.  Along with behind-the-scenes server upgrades, several new PCs were installed within the department to assist dispatch, patrol and command staff in their everyday functions.  Each patrol cruiser was also upgraded with new laptops, allowing patrol officers the same access to resources that were once only available through dispatch.  Some examples of WPD’s new patrol capabilities include instant access to the Warrant Management System as well as the abiltiy to instantly query motor vehicle records, not only for the Commonwealth but for all of the United States and Canada.  Perhaps the biggest asset the upgrade offered was the department’s ability to easily and quickly share crime data and statistics with law enforcement, probation and corrections agencies throughout the area.  This sharing of data has helped solve several major crimes within the region, such as bank robberies and burglaries.  With our technology upgrades, we finally updated our website, giving the public a much needed source to keep up to date on Winchester Police Department news as well as local crime trends and alerts.  The site also features links to informational services such as domestic abuse resources and commonly used forms, such as crash reports.