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Posted By Winchester Police on November 1st, 2022

The Winter Parking Ban is an effect.  Vehicles parked on the street between 1:00 AM and 7:00 AM are subject to fines.  Any vehicles parked on the street during a snow emergency may be fined and towed. For residents who live in or around the center of town, vehicles can be parked, overnight, in the […]


Letter From Chief MacDonnell

Posted By Winchester Police on June 3rd, 2020


chief letter


June 2, 2020

I, as well as Police Chiefs across Massachusetts and the nation, denounce the egregious and criminal actions and inactions taken by four members of the Minneapolis Police Department that resulted in the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd. Nowhere in police training are the actions of these officers taught or contained in police policy manuals. These actions stand out in stark contrast to the values and standards of conduct that we at the Winchester Police Department embrace.

This current tragedy is not representative of the professional conduct, democratic policing and procedural justice that is demonstrated by the vast majority of police officers throughout this state and nation on a daily basis. The officer directly responsible for the death of George Floyd has been arrested, charged with a homicide and sent to prison. Three other Minneapolis officers have been terminated and are likely to also face criminal charges related to the death of George Floyd. Let me be clear, there is no excuse or justification for the actions of the Minneapolis Police officers who are responsible for George Floyd’s death.

Our core values as individuals and as a nation must include being accountable and taking responsibility for our actions. It has been my experience and observation that our individual choices and decisions, actions and inactions, have, by far, the most significant and certain impact on our success and outcome as individuals and as a nation. Far too little attention has been paid to this in the media, across dinner tables, and in community conversations. All Americans are entitled to equal justice under the law, and no person should ever be deprived of opportunity or put in danger because of their race or ethnicity.

All Americans across this nation have a constitutional right to protest peacefully to bring about positive change. It is unfortunate and disheartening that some individuals have used this tragedy to justify and engage in the burning and looting of buildings, property and businesses and also to justify felonious attacks on police officers throughout the nation. We can be better as individuals and as a nation.


Sincerely, Chief Peter MacDonnell


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