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Posted By Winchester Police on November 1st, 2022

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Major Drug Investigation Results in Winchester Police Arresting two Brothers for Drug Dealing

Posted By Winchester Police on July 15th, 2014

Investigation Began After Feb. 2014 Heroin Death, Police May Seek Additional Charges

WINCHESTER — Police Chief Kenneth C. Albertelli announces that a pair of local brothers have been arrested and charged after a lengthy investigation that started in February with the overdose death of a Quincy man.


• Distribution of a Class A Substance (Heroin)
• Distribution of a Class C Substance (Diazepam)
• Distribution of a Class D Substance (Marijuana)
• Possession of a Class A Substance with Intent to Distribute (Heroin)
• Possession of a Class C Substance with Intent to Distribute (Diazepam)
• Possession of a Class D Substance with Intent to Distribute (Marijuana)
• Conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substance Act

Police are also working with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and may also seek additional charges in connection with the February overdose death.

His younger brother, NICHOLAS ROBERT SABBAG, AGE 18, ALSO OF JAMES STREET IN WINCHESTER has been charged with the following:

• Distribution of a Class C Substance (Diazepam)
• Conspiracy to Violate the Controlled Substance Act

“Today we are seeing the results of extremely hard work by the Winchester Police Department and our partner agencies,” Chief Albertelli said. “The amazing level of cooperation that exists among municipal and regional law enforcement groups helped this case come together, and a pair of drug dealers won’t be selling their poison in our community anymore.”
The arrests came after an investigation by Winchester Police, with the assistance of the Southern Middlesex Regional Drug Task Force, which acts as a force multiplier by bringing in personnel and resources from a variety of local and regional agencies under the command of Winchester PD.

The investigation began in February after a 25-year-old Quincy man died of a heroin overdose while in his motor vehicle in Winchester. Police reviewed the victim’s phone records and text messages and determined that he had allegedly communicated with TIMOTHY SABBAG via text message less than an hour before he died. In fact, text message records showed that the victim allegedly met with TIMOTHY SABBAG just 12 minutes before the victim called 911 and was found, unresponsive, minutes later.

A detailed investigation followed, using resources from a number of police agencies, through the regional task force, which ultimately led to police arresting TIMOTHY SABBAG in a parking lot in Winchester on Friday, July 11, 2014 and then immediately executing a search warrant of his home.

Searching the home, police found thousands of dollars in cash, a large quantity of marijuana, diazepam/Valium pills, lorazepam/Ativan pills, a quantity of heroin, a scale, plastic bags, and other drug paraphernalia. NICHOLAS SABBAG was arrested at the home.

Winchester has experienced two confirmed overdose deaths so far in 2014. Heroin and opioid overdoses are a major problem in communities around the country. In March, Governor Deval Patrick declared it to be a Public Health Crisis.

“It is not enough to simply arrest drug dealers for dealing drugs. In this instance, our investigation showed that Timothy Sabbag sold heroin to a man minutes before he died of a heroin overdose,” Chief Albertelli said. “We need to hold these people accountable for not just the lives that they ruin, but also the lives that their products end.”

Timothy Sabbag

Timothy Sabbag


Nicholas Sabbag

Nicholas Sabbag

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