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Posted By Winchester Police on November 1st, 2022

The Winter Parking Ban is an effect.  Vehicles parked on the street between 1:00 AM and 7:00 AM are subject to fines.  Any vehicles parked on the street during a snow emergency may be fined and towed. For residents who live in or around the center of town, vehicles can be parked, overnight, in the […]


Residential Breaks / Scams

Posted By Winchester Police on June 22nd, 2011

Residents should be aware of incidents which have occurred in town involving people attempting to gain access to homes. The scam involves an individual ringing the doorbell of a home and meeting with the resident at the front door. The suspect then explains to the resident that he is there to measure the backyard for a trench that will need to be dug as part of a public works project (or some similar story). When the resident responds to the backyard with the suspect, an accomplice then enters the home through the front door and steals whatever can be taken in the time the homeowner is occupied in the backyard. Some residents have already become victim of this scam.

If a suspicious person or contractor approaches your home and requests access to your property, contact police immediately. If someone claims they are contracted by the DPW, do not allow them in your home. Legitimate Winchester DPW workers will have identification cards and drive vehicles with blue Massachusetts license plates.
The DPW also makes notification to residents ahead of time if significant work is going to be done in residential neighborhoods.

Regarding utility workers: It is unusual for a utility company to request access to your property, but not unheard of. If a person announces him/herself as a representative of a utility company, ask to see an ID and make sure that it is legitimate (NStar, National Grid, Verizon etc.). Look for a marked company vehicle in the area. If they are requesting access to your home, refuse and contact the utility company they say they are with for verification that they need to be there. If the call is legitimate, the utility worker should be understanding of your due diligence.

Don’t allow yourself become a victim. Don’t be afraid to report suspicious activity to police.


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